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New AR15

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Just figure I start something here.

I got home today to find a bunch of new parts for a new AR15 build I'm putting together and figure I share it with you guys.

Basically I put my lower parts together tonight and waiting on the complete upper receiver to come in. This is an ar15 I'm trying to keep lightweight so my kids can shoot it a bit more accurately.

It's going to be chambered in .223 Wylde with the following components in case anyone is interested.


Franklin Armory lower receiver.

Aero Precision Buffer Tube Kit

Strike Industries Viper Mod Lightweight Stock

Palmetto State Armory .223 Wylde Lightweight Nitride 18" Barrel with 15" Keymod Handguard.

Fortis Manufacturing R.E.D. 3 Chamber Muzzle break

 Seekins Precision Ambi 45° safety selector 

Seekins Precision Bolt Catch and Mag release

Strike Industries Charging Handle

Aero Precision Bolt Carrier Group

AR Stoner Enhanced Trigger Group

Magpul Pistol Grip and Iron sights


Here's a picture of the complete lower build. once I get the complete upper I will post some pics with the completed rifle. I've built AR15's from scratch, but the price on the Palmetto complete upper was really good at $250 had to try it out. If you guys are interested I'll post some pics or video after I test out and shoot this bad boy.


AR15 Lower.jpg

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Robi STFU! This is my 4th ar15 including an ar pistol with a 8.5" barrel the ruger 556 is going to have nothing on this build when I'm done.

Not to mention my ar10 I last built talk about a bad ass rifle. I will post pics when I'm back home (out in vegas) so you can admire a true battle rifle chambered in .308.


My first ar15 I bought built then I started building my own it was a WMD Beast chambered in 5.56 and will mop the floor with your ruger 556 at least in looks with the FDE. Got a vortex red dot with a vortex 3x magnifier on it. Sweet system ready for fucking war.


Come at me bro!

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22 hours ago, Got_Amm0 said:

Gonna need that in long beach lol

For long beach I use the AK47 or AK74 depends on the mood I'm in. Gotta keep it ghetto in the LBC.

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you could build a fucking 10 million dollar rifle, dont mean shit if you dont know how to shoot.


which youre mexican, so you just gonna hold it over your head and spray anyway.

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Oh, you mother fucker! That was funny though.... ¬¬


I do enjoy putting stuff together to my personal desire as I have for years with various things not just firearms. That doesn't mean I can't shoot so unless you think you can outshoot me I wouldn't talk. Shooting 25k+ rounds with various small arms does give certain skills and abilities with firearms and yes I do keep count of what I shoot both for cleaning purposes and just in case any of my firearms fail I know exactly after how many rounds. 

Secondly this isn't an expensive rifle by any means. I will get the weight of the rifle so you see what I mean, trust me it makes a difference when shooting lots of rounds or doing mag dumps or for smaller framed shooters, since I just finished putting it together I will have to weight it. Overall the cost comes right under $1000 compared to other lightweight rifles picked up at a gunshop, they can easily run you about $1500 to $2000 without optics. My WMD rifle is a heavy AR15  and as configured comes in at around $1760.  Granted is got better optics, but the new AR15 I just put together after even better optics will still be cheaper then my WMD AR15 from my other post.  



Let's do this bro, come at me bro! Or should I say, Avientateme Carnal, like a Mexican would say..... 9_9


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Well, the rifle is complete. I took it out today to the Mojave desert and put about 150 rounds through it. I am really impressed is my second cheapest AR but it feels so light weight and shoots so damn good. I was having no trouble hitting a chest size target at 150 yards with iron sights. I would put it up against a $1500-$1800 AR any day of the week and it cost me half that to put together.

I will very likely put a 1x-6x scope on it probably a Primary Arms ACSS or a Nikon P223 not sure yet, but I need to save a few bills for that purchase and a good quick disconnect mount.

What was really cool is to see my 11 year old kid hitting a chest size target at 60 yards with an AR15. Granted he was kneeling down as his small and scrawny he was still able to ring the AR500 plate a few times with the rifle.

Big bad black "assault rifle", I have to say it looks pretty sexy to me, but of course it would, I picked  out the parts.



223 wylde 1.jpg

223 wylde 2.jpg

223 wylde 3.jpg

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5 hours ago, crob4452 said:

not bad probably shoots better than his pops

No he's a long way from that, but he manages. At least he can shoot. 


Most people's problem with accuracy stems from not being able to keep the rifle steady while pulling the trigger, the trigger pull itself can easily move your rifle in the slightest making you miss your mark. It's easy to align the sights to the target the hard part or the part that needs the most practice is to be able to maintain the iron sights (or optics) on target through the whole trigger pull process. If the rifle is lighter and the trigger pull is lighter it makes that job easier and/or quicker.


At 150 yds with iron sights and standing up this rifle is doing it's job. I don't really record myself much but I can do it consistently and moving from position to position with this rifle with more ease than most of my heavier rifles. 


Didn't like the stock too much either so I swapped it out for a Mission First Tactical Minimalist Stock. The Strike Industries stock I put on it was a bit too wobbly for my liking. To top it off the Minimalist stock is about an ounce lighter too.


Looks like this just in case you're wondering.




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