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      Khaos Krew is back!!!   06/16/2017

      Looking forward to the new Call of Duty WW2. We have started up our website again. Lets start recruiting


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  1. What hardware you runnin?

    Sweet running the same case. Great minds think alike. I have my LED running all the same color. I think you're a little more fruity in your color scheme, but heck you were in the Navy so what can we expect right Chief?
  2. Robi'isms

    CROB-Last Thursday at 8:49 PM FUCK YOU LORD November 4, 2017 LordofWar-Yesterday at 3:02 PM fuck you man fuck you way deep and hard in the ass till you bleed out mixed with shit from your intestines!!! CROB-Yesterday at 3:07 PM Seems a little uneccessary LordofWar-Yesterday at 3:08 PM tell the truth you pictured it and thought abou tit it* CROB-Yesterday at 3:08 PM i cut it off after way deep and hard in the ass
  3. New AR15

    Nope, that was little CyberLord LOL!
  4. Scrim KK members

    Been playing the beta of WWII freaking rocks. Although I already ran in to a couple of hackers on 2 separate occasions I guess that will never go away.
  5. Welcome Ghilie

    He was only able to get off for a minute to join the forum. I shouldn't bee talking shit my job is on my ass 24/7 I can't get on much either.
  6. Welcome Ryuu

    Wadup homo?!
  7. Pre-orders for COD:WW2

    Stop being a cheap ass and just pre-order from steam so we can play day 1.
  8. How about some love for the AK

    WADDUP BITCH! How you been bro?
  9. What hardware you runnin?

    That's a nice setup. Love ASUS boards, they're great. What brand is your GTX180? Not that it makes a lot of difference just curious.
  10. Welcome Ghilie

    Wadup fag!
  11. How about some love for the AK

    I don't mind the look I mind the weight more I could have mounted the red dot on top of the gas tube since I have picatiny rail there too but I prefer it towards the rear of the rifle. The ak47 is pretty heavy already adding machined handguards heavier stock adds more and to top it off the surmount adds even more weight.
  12. How about some love for the AK

    Well that is true those sights are sick all 3 of my ak's out of the box the sights are spot on. I was actually shooting the ar15 I just built out to 306 yards, that's about the limit I can have where I shoot, and I was landing the shots at 306 yards with the ar iron sights but looking out at 300 yards with the AK iron sights is a little crappier if you ask me the red dot made it quite comfortable.
  13. New Desert Map

    Downloading the game as I read this.
  14. How about some love for the AK

    Thanks, I think it's sick too. Brings a smile to my face every time I shoot it.
  15. June PUBG Update

    In all seriousness though I will buy and play with you guys soon. Work has been crappy in the sense that I've been working night schedules a lot lately so I can't really join you guys in the afternoon as I'm usually headed to job sites. It's suppose to change come August so I plan to join in a bit more then but even July I hope to get some play time with you guys.