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  1. Pre-orders for COD:WW2

    Stop being a cheap ass and just pre-order from steam so we can play day 1.
  2. How about some love for the AK

    WADDUP BITCH! How you been bro?
  3. What hardware you runnin?

    That's a nice setup. Love ASUS boards, they're great. What brand is your GTX180? Not that it makes a lot of difference just curious.
  4. Welcome Ghilie

    Wadup fag!
  5. How about some love for the AK

    I don't mind the look I mind the weight more I could have mounted the red dot on top of the gas tube since I have picatiny rail there too but I prefer it towards the rear of the rifle. The ak47 is pretty heavy already adding machined handguards heavier stock adds more and to top it off the surmount adds even more weight.
  6. How about some love for the AK

    Well that is true those sights are sick all 3 of my ak's out of the box the sights are spot on. I was actually shooting the ar15 I just built out to 306 yards, that's about the limit I can have where I shoot, and I was landing the shots at 306 yards with the ar iron sights but looking out at 300 yards with the AK iron sights is a little crappier if you ask me the red dot made it quite comfortable.
  7. New Desert Map

    Downloading the game as I read this.
  8. How about some love for the AK

    Thanks, I think it's sick too. Brings a smile to my face every time I shoot it.
  9. June PUBG Update

    In all seriousness though I will buy and play with you guys soon. Work has been crappy in the sense that I've been working night schedules a lot lately so I can't really join you guys in the afternoon as I'm usually headed to job sites. It's suppose to change come August so I plan to join in a bit more then but even July I hope to get some play time with you guys.
  10. Scrim KK members

    I'm working nights a lot which is killing my ability to play with you guys. I'm pretty certain my schedule will change come August sometime and I will be able to align my time more when you guys are on.
  11. How about some love for the AK

    I absolutely love this rifle. Every time I hold it I feel like I'm about to play some Call of Duty. This is the first AK47 I bought it is a RAS47 from Century Arms, all American made AK, came with blonde wood furniture which I'll picture below from the internet and then I started messing with it and turned it in to a totally different AK47 at least on the looks dept. Basically added a Magpul Zhukov folding stock with a Magpul pistol grip. The handguard and gas block cover are from Midwest Industries along with the muzzle break and optics mount. Last but not least is a 2 moa dot and 65 moa circle Holosun H515c red dot sight. Yep probably what I would use if shit hit the fan in Long Beach I don't know kind of heavy but hell of fun to shoot and really accurate at up to 200 yds really don't shoot it further than that, but who really does that with the AK47?
  12. New AR15

    No he's a long way from that, but he manages. At least he can shoot. Most people's problem with accuracy stems from not being able to keep the rifle steady while pulling the trigger, the trigger pull itself can easily move your rifle in the slightest making you miss your mark. It's easy to align the sights to the target the hard part or the part that needs the most practice is to be able to maintain the iron sights (or optics) on target through the whole trigger pull process. If the rifle is lighter and the trigger pull is lighter it makes that job easier and/or quicker. At 150 yds with iron sights and standing up this rifle is doing it's job. I don't really record myself much but I can do it consistently and moving from position to position with this rifle with more ease than most of my heavier rifles. Didn't like the stock too much either so I swapped it out for a Mission First Tactical Minimalist Stock. The Strike Industries stock I put on it was a bit too wobbly for my liking. To top it off the Minimalist stock is about an ounce lighter too. Looks like this just in case you're wondering.
  13. June PUBG Update

    Awwww, makes you weally happy warm and fuzzy inside. That's nice...........
  14. New AR15

    Here's a small vid of my kid shooting it. Didn't have much time to record I was just enjoying the rifle and trying to stay out of the near 100° heat out in the Mojave desert. Ethan_223_Wylde.mp4
  15. New AR15

    Well, the rifle is complete. I took it out today to the Mojave desert and put about 150 rounds through it. I am really impressed is my second cheapest AR but it feels so light weight and shoots so damn good. I was having no trouble hitting a chest size target at 150 yards with iron sights. I would put it up against a $1500-$1800 AR any day of the week and it cost me half that to put together. I will very likely put a 1x-6x scope on it probably a Primary Arms ACSS or a Nikon P223 not sure yet, but I need to save a few bills for that purchase and a good quick disconnect mount. What was really cool is to see my 11 year old kid hitting a chest size target at 60 yards with an AR15. Granted he was kneeling down as his small and scrawny he was still able to ring the AR500 plate a few times with the rifle. Big bad black "assault rifle", I have to say it looks pretty sexy to me, but of course it would, I picked out the parts.