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      Looking forward to the new Call of Duty WW2. We have started up our website again. Lets start recruiting


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  1. Robi'isms

    Im honestly surprised you remember that video
  2. 4X Scope Help

    i just shoot until they die. works out everytime.
  3. PUBG New Desert Map

    this, is gonna be a shit show lol
  4. Welcome Ghilie

    nice to see you got off your girlfriend long enough to get on your pc
  5. New Desert Map

    when you say 4x4 what are we using as a measurement?
  6. How about some love for the AK

    well the shitty part about the AK is having to put on a mount, i just hate the look of the mount.
  7. How about some love for the AK

    id personally just roll with the iron sites on the ak. looks nice though.
  8. New AR15

    not bad probably shoots better than his pops
  9. June PUBG Update

    well thats good news
  10. New AR15

    you could build a fucking 10 million dollar rifle, dont mean shit if you dont know how to shoot. which youre mexican, so you just gonna hold it over your head and spray anyway.
  11. Another AR15

    now i know why you've been working so much.
  12. ISIS Button

  13. Scrim KK members

    damn son, did you just have a conversation with yourself?
  14. Welcome LordofWar

    just for right now