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      Khaos Krew is back!!!   06/16/2017

      Looking forward to the new Call of Duty WW2. We have started up our website again. Lets start recruiting


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  1. The stream from the CoD WWII Multiplayer Exhibition. I know they were playing on console, but it still kind of gives a look on how some of the game modes are played out.
  2. New AR15

    It looks pretty wicked Lord. Was that Micfly shooting?
  3. ISIS Button

  4. Welcome Ryuu

    Ohhhhhh it's been too long! Sorry for the hiatus, but I had to shift my focus on things outside the gaming life for a while. I'm psyched for some boots on the ground action here in the next couple of months.
  5. Scrim KK members

    I would be down for this. Any of the older CoDs before all the futuristic stuff. Good ol' boots on the ground.
  6. Basic Training Selections

    Phantom and Undercover for that sneakiness stealthy factor..
  7. Headquarters 1v1 pit

    This ought to be interesting for a 1v1.
  8. Welcome Ryuu

    Hello Ryuu, Welcome to Khaos Krew. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Ryuu joined on the 08/20/2017. View Member