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      Khaos Krew is back!!!   06/16/2017

      Looking forward to the new Call of Duty WW2. We have started up our website again. Lets start recruiting


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    Here is a list of the known Basic Training Selections " Classes " in Call of Duty WW2 so far Phantom Quieter movement Take no fall damage Invisible to enemy Recon Aircraft while moving Smoked Extra piece of lethal equipment Smoke Grenade as tactical equipment Loaded Extra magazines Reload weapons faster Scoped Move faster while aiming down sights Extra attachment on Primary Weapon Ordnance Scorestreaks cost less Re-roll Care Packages Duelist Two attachments on Secondary Weapon Steady Immune to shell shock and tactical equipment Sprint for longer distances Hunter Reveals enemy equipment Take less explosives damage Undercover Kill without revealing enemy death locations No name or reticle color change when targeted Forage Swap weapon faster Throw equipment faster Resupply ammo and equipment from dead enemies
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    For long beach I use the AK47 or AK74 depends on the mood I'm in. Gotta keep it ghetto in the LBC.
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    everytime he said clip i fucking cringed
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    Phantom and Loaded FTW It's all about stealth and swiftness.
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    Fuck you and your profile!!!