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  1. Today
  2. Let's make it happen. Let's put up for a vote on what CoD to scrim on and let's hold it for Friday night. Should be fun.
  3. Yeah I guess steady is descent too.
  4. Thought I'd show you guys my slick looking AR15. Sweet rifle, just a bit on the heavy side as configured which is why I'm building a lighter one. WMD Beast chambered in 5.56X45. 16" Barrel with a 1 in 7" twist and a carbine gas system. Magpul STR FDE stock and MOE Pistol Grip and MBUS Iron Sights. Optics are Vortex SPARC 2 MOA Red Dot and Vortex VMX-3T 3x Magnifier. With the optics is a breeze to shoot 50 to 250 yds on a man size target. Very happy with the rifle despite the carbine gas system which I didn't know much about when I first picked it up. Must be paired with a great buffer and spring that I've never messed with on this rifle.
  5. That and assault rifle! Ignorance is utterly annoying.
  6. Yeah true that, or maybe I'm just getting old.....
  7. Seriously let's scrim with some old CoD's. Everyone should have good internet by now I don't think it would take long to install. I was out for the weekend but looking forward to gaming with you guys a bit some scrims would be cool.
  8. Whatever you racist bigoted white privileged bastard!
  9. Last week
  10. just for right now
  11. yeah i think when i upgrade im gonna go closed loop. Not worth the hassle anymore then how good gpu coolers are now-a-days
  12. I don't roll with your kind just 2 k's for me.
  13. For long beach I use the AK47 or AK74 depends on the mood I'm in. Gotta keep it ghetto in the LBC.
  14. I got away from the custom WC. Went with a corsair closed loop setup. Got to post some pics.
  15. Robi STFU! This is my 4th ar15 including an ar pistol with a 8.5" barrel the ruger 556 is going to have nothing on this build when I'm done. Not to mention my ar10 I last built talk about a bad ass rifle. I will post pics when I'm back home (out in vegas) so you can admire a true battle rifle chambered in .308. My first ar15 I bought built then I started building my own it was a WMD Beast chambered in 5.56 and will mop the floor with your ruger 556 at least in looks with the FDE. Got a vortex red dot with a vortex 3x magnifier on it. Sweet system ready for fucking war. Come at me bro!
  16. Whatever bro! Instead of talking shit why don't we settle it on COD of your choosing. FAG!
  17. everytime he said clip i fucking cringed
  18. loaded and steady
  19. shouldve just went the route i did and bought a ruger AR 5.56, i fucking love this thing
  20. you're missing a K buddy
  21. i wouldnt want lord getting his shit pushed in though
  22. yeah this is something we could do for sure.Im sure all of us have to reinstall the games lol
  23. Running the same 3770k @ 5.1 ghz G.Skill 16GB 1866 7970 OC Thermaltake 850 Watt PSU Corsair 900D Razer Chroma Everything lol All on a custom water cooling loop
  24. Gonna need that in long beach lol
  25. I was hardcore in to PC builds before not that I don't enjoy it anymore, but shied away from it a bit. Running descent stuff nut n fancy but good enough imo. Definetely ready for some CoD WWII action. What are you guys running? MSI Z270 Gaming M7 Motherboard Intel Core i7 7700K G.Skill 16GB 2400Mhz Memory Geforce GTX 1080 FTW Graphics Card Thermaltake 750 Watt PSU Corsair Crystal Series 570X Case Still running my old Corsair K60 Keyboard and Razer Ouroboros Mouse
  26. Just figure I start something here. I got home today to find a bunch of new parts for a new AR15 build I'm putting together and figure I share it with you guys. Basically I put my lower parts together tonight and waiting on the complete upper receiver to come in. This is an ar15 I'm trying to keep lightweight so my kids can shoot it a bit more accurately. It's going to be chambered in .223 Wylde with the following components in case anyone is interested. Franklin Armory lower receiver. Aero Precision Buffer Tube Kit Strike Industries Viper Mod Lightweight Stock Palmetto State Armory .223 Wylde Lightweight Nitride 18" Barrel with 15" Keymod Handguard. Fortis Manufacturing R.E.D. 3 Chamber Muzzle break Seekins Precision Ambi 45° safety selector Seekins Precision Bolt Catch and Mag release Strike Industries Charging Handle Aero Precision Bolt Carrier Group AR Stoner Enhanced Trigger Group Magpul Pistol Grip and Iron sights Here's a picture of the complete lower build. once I get the complete upper I will post some pics with the completed rifle. I've built AR15's from scratch, but the price on the Palmetto complete upper was really good at $250 had to try it out. If you guys are interested I'll post some pics or video after I test out and shoot this bad boy.
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